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H(Green Leaf)ME Quality Pouschola Praducts Multi Purpose Great For All Around indoor & OutDoor Use Hand Gloves 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Extra Long 12 Inches Made from Natural Latex Durable and Long Lasting Thicker Materuak Auti Slip Odor and Mildew Protection size L, 12inch (30cm) 70 Gram estimated weight ((($2.98)))

Optical Illusion Spot the Difference Joyful Voyage Bears (Sourced from Staten Island) (((15 BONES)))

This Is How My Girlfriend Tells Me Sex or NO Sex,,, No Verbal Exchange Needed (((BOGO PRICELESS)))

Tier1of3 Original Nostalgia Closet Piece (((PENNY FROM 2007)))

Super Top Game 9999 in 1, Makes Sound if you Buy Batteries !!batteries not included!! (Sourced from the streets of BOGOTA) ((($29.99)))

Tier2of3 Original Nostalgia Closet Piece (((PENNY FROM 2007)))

Pocket Travel on the Go Checkered Board, Take it Everywhere You Go (((17.09)))

guys im trying so hard to ignore the pang of suicidal temptations in my head right now, it hurts in my chest, theres sanded down marbles in my skin, i feel hopeless, worthless, ive wasted ANOTHER day of my life, i didnt do shit besides make this website and spend 19 bones on food i could have made myself, when i promised myself i would eat only whats in my fridge and pantry for the next week, i dont wanna die poor, i dont wanna die not having read the books i wanna read, i dont wanna die without finding freedom first, but my chestand my brain are yelling at me and telling me to feel ashamed. i dont know how to ride this out so i am trying to write it out. this is my first time feeling suicidal in maybe a year and i dont know how to deal with it. i know suicidal thoughts are selfish and egotistical, and its a joy to be with friends but i feel such an immense amount of self-loathing and shaming. will i survive this? can i put this day aside tomorrow? is it ok that this day hasbeen wasted and by wasted i dont mean that i was not productive, i mean that i was not able to break through to freedom of sorts to accomplish the things i wanted to or at least take the steps towards it. anyways. i will try to go to a rave. i will hope for a better tomorrow. i will try to be satisfied with this day and my sale. this rock symbolizes all of these things. please buy it in order to keep me alive!!!! ((($957)))

Little Piggie Toe Separators Figurines, Will Gain Interest COLLECTORS ITEM!!! WARNING!!! MILD CG* ((($20 for the Set, $50 for the show)))


Super Charged Haunted Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Floral Fluff ((($2-$70 depending on your lsd history)))

Treaty Avian Pouch: If A FrenchAirline Plane Drops All You Hear is "ELp! Elp! Elp!" pls show passport upon purchase (((wine and cheese)))

Flower Power Identity Politics Bit o' History ((($10 x 1.75 every year past 2023)))

Mama's Assist Japanese Squirters ((($3)))

Corona Timeline Bacterial Castration 2020 Cooper Union Most Authentic VERY RARE x2!!! ((($50)))

*child genitals